Barking Dog Records Submission Information

If you are interested in our label, please read on to see what we are all about and if we are likely to be a good fit for you in the future from both an artistic and business standpoint...

Barking Dog Records is a REGIONAL label of outstanding musicians in various genres. Based in Fargo, North Dakota, USA and encompassing the Upper Midwest (including Minneapolis, MN) as its HOME MARKET, Barking Dog Records strives to identify the finest musicians in the area and help them launch their professional careers. Though some artists on the label are strictly regional in scope, others are national in terms of touring, distribution and promotion.

By regional, we mean the areas noted above. If you are from the East Coast, West Coast, South, Southwest, Europe, etc. etc., please do not send us your materials because we will not consider them.

Barking Dog Records' criteria for signing artists is fairly straightforward - we are extremely selective and only consider those bands/artists who are experienced professionals, who have extensive performing experience, who are committed to performing, and - above all - who are outstanding musicians.

We also record many bands and artists who are not on our label but who come to us as clients in our recording studio, Raptor Studios.

MUSICAL GENRES: Although our label is more geographically-based than genre-specific, certain types of music are given priority consideration including acoustic, pop/rock, and some classical.

ARTISTIC CRITERIA: As with all companies who hope to be successful, Barking Dog Records chooses its investments extremely carefully. We only sign artists whom we feel possess an extraordinary musical connection with their audiences, a commitment to extensive performing, outstanding musical talent and musicianship, originality, and (the most ephemeral ingredient) that "extra something" that is particularly compelling about the artist that sets them apart artistically from thousands of other musicians with similar goals and desires.

TOURING: Next to artistic excellence, the most important element to a project's success at the regional/independent level is performing and lots of it. Barking Dog Records artists must commit to performing as much as possible. For a full time artist/band, that typically means a "home" touring radius of the states adjoining the artist's major market home base. For artists based in Minneapolis, that means Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, North and South Dakota as a starting point. Barking Dog Records works closely with regional booking agencies and will attempt to help artists secure management and booking services.

RECORDING: Barking Dog Records is somewhat unusual in that we are also a production company and recording studio. All releases currently on our label were recorded at our facility, Raptor Studios, and co-produced by Mike Coates in collaboration with each artist. The rationale for that arrangement is threefold: we believe in the outstanding production quality of our work and the standard it sets for releases on our label, in undertaking the creative process together with each artist we feel we more deeply understand and can better promote the artist's music, and we also believe in keeping recording costs down to reasonable levels in order for the artist - and the label - to have a more realistic chance at realizing a profit. WE WILL NOT RELEASE ALBUMS ON THE BARKING DOG RECORDS LABEL THAT HAVE BEEN RECORDED ELSEWHERE. A bit unusual, maybe, but that's the deal.

If you would like to submit your music to Barking Dog Records for consideration, please fill out the following:


Artist Submission Form

Name of Band/Solo Artist  
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List Band Members' Names, Instruments, Ages  
Your Musical Genre (please don't say "unique")  
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How long have you been performing in this format (i.e. as a solo artist or with your current ensemble)?  
Describe your previous performing/musical experience:   
How often do you currently perform?  
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Who does your booking - yourself or an outside agent?  
How many names are on your mailing list?  
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Describe the project you would like to record:

Print this page and mail it to Barking Dog Records, PO Box 1455, Fargo, ND 58105. Enclose a demo CD (please make sure song titles/track numbers are clearly marked), press packet (this can include bios, photo, press clippings, gig calendars, etc.), and any other information about you or your music that you would like to include.