We're all for choice.

bingo, our debut CD, features such audience favorites as "Geeks on Bikes," "Parking Lot," "Chinese Restaurant," "Girls," "Sno Kone of Love," and more.

everyday ninjas, our second recorded effort, brings you the incomparable "Lust," the fevered "Jelly Donut," (or is it the other way around?) "Wish I Was Single" and our now-routine descent into madness with ditties like "Mean Man at the Circus" and our paean to paranormal paranoia, "Shampoo."

Both CDs are recorded and released by our good friends at Barking Dog Records. They're available online - just go to the nifty order form.

Follow the CD title links (bingo | everyday ninjas) for sound clips, lyrics and studio photos...

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and happy listening!

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