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Hero in the studio...

It was seven weeks in the making but they were fun weeks back there in the early wintery days of 1997. Hey, who needs sleep, jobs, term papers, student teaching recommendations, and a personal life anyway?


Sure, it's fun and we're full of energy at first...
Laying down tracks takes all our concentration...
Taking a break...
The Happy Producers!


sound clips & lyrics

(original illustrations by Jeff Nelson)

Geeks on Bikes
music and lyrics: Nelson

    fat man slouched over the bench laughs at my transportation
    every time i drive by him he fills with jubilation
    he's laughing at my tires he's laughing at my horn
    and the cards in my spokes
    if i had time i'd tell him my story so he knows i'm not a hoax
    like this:
    my car is shot it hasn't moved an inch since 1995
    so my friends and i did not have much you could
    call a social life
    we got sick of walking, sick of hitching, sick of taking hikes
    so we didn't buy a car or a minivan--we all bought bikes
    geeks on bikes, geeks on bikes (ad nauseum)
    i'm up at dawn to call my friends to relay the day's big plans
    & before you know it our helmets are on
    our gloves are on our hands
    we drive down main to the dairy queen--always in single file
    and the fun piles up behind us yeah--mile after mile
    i always drive my bike safely with mirrors
    and when it's dirty i wash it with tears
    (Steve with the bone solo, Bryce on trumpet,
    Pablo Casals on bike bell)


Parking Lot
music: Kalk ...lyrics: Nelson


music and lyrics: Nelson


Sno Cone of Luv
music and lyrics: Nelson


music and lyrics: Nelson


Rude Girl
music and lyrics: Kalk/Hoffman


music: Kalk/Nelson lyrics: Nelson


Toob Igto's Inn
(Joe Papke - all the way)

music and lyrics: Kalk/Nelson
(because every band needs a contrived song about women)


The Ska (ska for moms)
music and lyrics: Kalk


Trailer Park
music and lyrics (regrettably): Nelson


Chinese Restaurant
music and lyrics: Nelson


Big Fish
music: Kalk/Nelson lyrics: Nelson


music and lyrics: Nelson

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