Brenda Weiler, now based in Portland, was a 19-year-old fledgling performer who had just returned to her hometown of Fargo after a year of post-high-school struggling in Minneapolis, when Barking Dog Records co-owner Linda Coates heard her perform at a local music club and approached Brenda about recording. What followed was an exciting and wonderful four years of collaboration as artist and independent label. Brenda moved on, first to Minneapolis and then Portland, and to other record labels. We continue to wish her well in her career and are proud to have presented this amazingly talented artist to the world.

Brenda's first two CDs, trickle down and crazy happy, produced by Mike Coates and Brenda at Raptor Studios and released on Barking Dog Records, were met with immediate critical and audience acclaim and continue to be top-selling titles in our catalog.

What started as putting off college for one year to explore music, snowballed into four critically acclaimed albums, the Minnesota Music Award for Best Singer/Songwriter AND Best Female Vocalist, over 100 live performances a year, and a wide following throughout the country. Brenda has taken home multiple Minnesota Music Awards, was awarded the City Pages "Best of the Twin Cities" Critics Pick for Best Female Vocalist, and her recordings have been embraced by college and non-commercial AAA radio stations nationwide.

Brenda's first two CD releases are available online at

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