NOMINATED FOR "My Texas Music" FEMALE VOCALIST OF THE YEAR in January 2003, just five months after moving to Texas!

With Country, Roots, Bluegrass, and a twang that is more Dallas than Dakota, more Frio than Fargo, Brennen Leigh is a welcome addition to Texas music! (Featured Artist review,, 1/13/03)

Sibling duo Brennen Leigh and Seth Hulbert bring their eclectic mix of americana roots music to enthusiastic audiences from Fargo to Florida. Armed with a mandolin and a voice as strong as railroad tracks and as smooth as a mint julep, Brennen Leigh breathes fresh life into bluegrass, country western, Texas swing, Irish folk and Mississippi Delta blues standards, as well as adding distinctively north woods images to her well-crafted original songs.

Duo partner and brother Seth Hulbert provides a strong musical foundation with his marvelous versatility on the guitar and warm vocal harmonies that perfectly match Brennen's lead vocals as only a sibling's voice can. Joined on her debut CD, Lonesome, Wild & Blue, by virtuoso guests on fiddle, mandolin, dobro, pedal steel and upright bass, Brennen Leigh is a dazzling young artist at the threshold of a brilliant musical career.

In September 2002, Brennen and Seth moved from the upper Midwest to San Marcos, Texas, where they immediately began performing full time throughout the Austin/San Marcos region.

Brennen's debut recording on Barking Dog Records, Lonesome, Wild & Blue was released May 2002. Check Brennen's website for performance dates and more info.


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