After nearly two years of work in the studio with producer Mike Coates, Barking Dog Records is pleased to announce the release of "Ordinary Woman" by singer-songwriter Cindy Greywind.

This has been a very long road for everyone, marked by difficulties and tragedy (Cindy's husband Russell Greywind died unexpectedly during the recording of the album) but the result is a powerful and moving collection of original songs.

Although not native herself, Cindy (originally from western North Dakota) has lived most of her adult life in the Native American community and speaks with an insightful, articulate voice between those two worlds. Her songs speak firsthand of spirituality, connection to land and nature, poverty, alcoholism, and the experience of being a woman, first and foremost, in today's society.

Cindy is rich in ideas and artistic concepts. She and producer Mike Coates collaborated on all aspects of the album, including the instrumental arrangements which incorporate everything from a native drum group and flute to more than 20 people saying the name of God in 22 languages (in the song "Prayer for a Perfect World)."

The title song, "Ordinary Woman," incorporates hand-made log drums, military funeral drums and a pow-wow drum group in a beautiful and moving musical tribute to Pvt. Lori Piestewa, the first Native American woman to die in combat (on foreign soil).

Cindy performs with her own acoustic sound system and will be performing at special events, coffeehouses, casinos, colleges and concerts throughout the region. Contact Barking Dog Records for Cindy's dates and availability.

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