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Lisa Briggs

"Coffee and Gifts," the debut compact disc of Minnesota singer/songwriter Lisa Briggs, combines elements of acoustic folk, jazz and pop evocative of Joni Mitchell and Shawn Colvin. A collection of all original tunes, the album spans the musical spectrum from lush ballads to infectious swing and jazz-flavored rock. The richly varied arrangements on the album feature vocalist Lisa Briggs on acoustic guitar and piano, along with a host of professional guest artists.

Colorful variety of both sounds and musical material mark "Coffee and Gifts" as an album which grows richer with repeated listenings. Guest artists on the disc include an array of backing vocalists, jazz woodwinds, cello, intriguing percussion and live string quartet to supplement the foundation of acoustic guitar. Chan Poling, formerly leader of The Suburbs and currently a Minneapolis/Nashville songwriter, makes a special guest appearance on keyboards and grand piano.

Rich poetic lyrics, vivid scenic images, and traces of jazz reveal a compelling artistry throughout the album. "My musical influences are pretty eclectic-everyone from Bob Dylan and Billy Joel to kd lang, Ella Fitzgerald and Kate Bush," notes Briggs. From her experiences growing up in Minnesota to time spent working in Nashville and traveling abroad, Lisa crystallizes imagery, sounds and personal experiences into songs of delicate beauty and emotional strength.

Produced by Mike Coates and Lisa Briggs.

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Song List

1. baby blues

Words and Music by Lisa Briggs

Lisa Briggs--Vocals, Acoustic Guitars
Bec Smith--Acoustic Guitars, Harmony Vocals
Nathan Davis--Cello
Bill Law--Bass
Tom Christianson--Drums
Mike Coates--Ensoniq SQ2

2. in this cabin

Words and Music by Lisa Briggs

in this little cabin
filled with things of another time
i hid my soul
i felt that it was mine

they got cats in the corners
and old tin bowls
orange, blue and gold
she said, "if they get chipped, they'll only look older"

well up on sunflower hill
they got coffee and gifts
i don't know if it's real
i hope to God that it's a myth

and i lose myself
in old-fashioned signs
just lose myself
so i don't lose my mind

old glory hangin' long and tall
blends with the wood-paneled wall
i just want to fade away
blend in with this strange-paced day

and calicoes
sound like lawn mowers
the old clock arm
grinds along with alarm
in here

in this little cabin
i finally found my voice
with a half-frozen lake-view
a sandpaper kiss or two

they've got unfinished trunks
iron rings in the tub
a kitchen full of dishes
that need to be done

and calicoes
warm as oven doors
i hope it snows
all day long
snows me in
in here

this little cabin
this little cabin

Lisa Briggs--Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

3. story

Words and Music by Lisa Briggs and Pat Phillips
Lisa Briggs--Vocals, Pennywhistle
Patrick Phillips--12-String Guitars, Percussion
Bill Law--Fretless Bass
Tom Christianson--Congas
Deb Jenkins--Scat Vocals

4. springtime in december

Words and Music by Lisa Briggs
Lisa Briggs--Vocals, Piano
Harley Sommerfeld--Flute
Patrick Phillips--Acoustic Guitars
Bill Law--Bass
Tom Christianson--Drums
Linda Coates--Background Vocals

5. sailor

Words and Music by Lisa Briggs
Lisa Briggs--Vocals, Acoustic Guitars
Bec Smith--Acoustic Guitars
Patrick Phillips--Acoustic Lead Guitar
String Quartet: Dakota Rose String Quartet
Strings arranged by Linda and Mike Coates
Jane Linde Capistran--Violin I
Mary Weisser--Violin II
Carole Nelson--Viola
Carol Kautzmann--Cello
Jane Linde Capistran--Violin Solo
Mike Coates--Ensoniq SQ2

6. postcards from spain

Words and Music by Lisa Briggs
Lisa Briggs--Vocals, Piano, Castanets, Ratchet, Rainstick
Tom Christianson--Ocean Drum
Linda Coates--Swing Foley Artist
(Spanish tenor excerpt courtesy of Ricardo Visus
Mike Coates--Classical Guitar)

7. time to spare

Words by Lisa Briggs
Music by Lisa Briggs and Pat Phillips
Lisa Briggs--Lead and Background Vocals
Patrick Phillips--Classical Guitars, Acoustic Lead Guitar
Chan Poling--Keyboards
Bill Law--Fretless Bass
Tom Christianson--Drums, Guiro
Bec Smith--Harmony Vocals

8. waiting for jane

Words and Music by Lisa Briggs
Lisa Briggs--Vocals
Piano arranged and performed by Chan Poling

9. ask me

Words and Music by Lisa Briggs
Lisa Briggs--Vocals, Acoustic Guitars
Shane Lamb--Electric Guitar
Chan Poling--Keyboards
Harley Sommerfeld--Clarinet
Bill Law--Hoffner Bass
Tom Christianson--Drums
Linda Coates--Harmony Vocals

10. italian kids

Words and Music by Lisa Briggs
Lisa Briggs--Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Crazy Barfly Group :
Shane Lamb, Billy Lurken, Todd Wawers, Theresa Hauck
Subdued Barfly Group :
Bob Schieffer, Al Breuer, Crip Erickson, Pat Phillips
The Cacklers :
Linda Coates, Sara Kuhry, Paulette White, Beth Fortier
The Gigglers :
Lindsay Boyd Coates, Natalie Wolff, Sarah Olmstead

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