Winner of two regional Battle of the Bands, Ded Walleye is the Fargo-Moorhead area's favorite college rock band. "High energy, fun and contagious -- Ded Walleye plays with a passion very few bands have," says Doug Peterson, general manager of Old Broadway in Fargo. "The word is fun -- I hear their music and I wanna get on the floor and dance," was the verdict of the reviewer in the Bismarck State College Mystician.

Ded Walleye's extraordinary live shows combine well-crafted originals with their own inventive 90s take on an eclectic mix of cover tunes -- from The Doors, Creedence and Jimi Hendrix to Ben Folds Five, Foo Fighters and Spacehog.

The high-octane fun of Ded Walleye's show is fueled by the impressive musicianship of its individual members. Vocalist Dave Morris' flamboyant energy and impressive vocal range commands the stage and energizes the crowd -- guitarist Eric Letvin singlehandedly covers all the bases from rhythm guitar to four decades' worth of lead guitar styles -- bassist Mitch Fallgatter contributes rock-solid grooves and virtuoso leads -- drummer Jim Julsrud drives the band with non-stop energy.

Ded Walleye performs at colleges and clubs throughout the northern plains, including Minnesota, North and South Dakota, touring with their own sound system.


Ded Walleye's debut CD, CRANKBAIT, was recorded at Raptor Studios by producer/engineer Mike Coates and rocks incredibly hard with stage-honed audience favorites as well as impressive new originals. Buy it online at




Take a listen to three of Ded Walleye's album cuts:

Suburban Hell
I Want You To Want Me



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