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Deb Jenkins Band, a favorite of R&B and blues fans throughout the upper Midwest, began in 1994 when Deb and her keyboardist husband, Mike Jenkins, formed the band after many years with their previous band, Second Wind.

Last year voted #1 Best Band and also listed as Best Musician and Local Celebrity (behind Jonny Lang and Roger Maris, no less!) in the regional weekly High Plains Reader Best Bets Poll, the Deb Jenkins Band brings soulful emotion and authoritative stomp to performances at blues festivals, clubs and special events throughout the region.

(pictured at Speck's, Fargo's classic roadhouse blues bar)



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Deb Jenkins vocals

Although Deb has lived in Minnesota and North Dakota most of her adult life, she moved around as a "military brat" throughout her childhood. First performing in public during her college years in Minnesota, she now takes stage at blues festivals alongside such greats as Delbert McClinton, John Mayall, Miss Lavelle White, Keb Mo', and R.L. Burnside. From original music and covers by such artists as Joan Armatrading, Koko Taylor, Bonnie Raitt, and others. From the incomparable Billie Holiday to the raunchy sass of Etta James, influences of the finest female vocalists can be heard in Deb's singing, yet her vocal style is distinctly her own.

A woman of great personal warmth, Deb is also known throughout the region as a professional nurse, music events promoter, gourmet chef and restauranteur as well as a singer. Manager of the Full Circle Café, a non-profit restaurant specializing in natural foods and employing mentally handicapped people as staff, and also co-owner of an ethnic foods catering business, Deb believes in bringing a nurturing spirit to every endeavor. Follow the green links (left) to debjenkins.com for more information about her various enterprises.


Mike Jenkins keyboards & vocals

A lifelong fan of the blues and an accomplished musician, Mike Jenkins brings his mighty Hammond C2 organ and various cherished vintage keyboards to the signature sound of the band. A veteran of several regional blues bands including Second Wind and the Shufflecats, Mike's decades of performing and bandleading are reflected in the heart and soul of the Deb Jenkins Band.

By day a mental-health case manager, Mike also writes music for the group - his original instrumental "Playing Time" is featured on the band's second CD, Down Home Blues. He is also featured as lead vocalist on that album in "Bad Bad Whiskey" and the roadhouse piano speedster "Rocket 88."


Ron Meier guitar

Ronnie earned a permanent place in producer Mike Coates' pantheon of studio lore when he laid all the guitar tracks for the Deb Jenkins Band's first CD, Freedom, live with no retakes or fix-its. The bluesy authority of his guitar playing is just one of the strengths Ron brings to the band - he is also known for his command of musical styles and warm, positive spirit (even in the face of critical Vikings season-crushing defeats). A bandmate since the days of Second Wind, Ron is a master mechanic, avid fisherman and proud father of Ronnie, Rena and Rachael.



Jeremy Cahill bass

"I remember Jimmy Colford letting me play his bass guitar for the first time, and our garage blues band days with my now brother-in-law, drummer Paul Metcalf and guitarist Ed Marino. Those early piano duos and trios with Tony Zano and Joe Borland who were so patient, leaving me to find my own way. My first bass teachers, Major Holley and Ron McClure, who were so understanding of my struggle with the big bass. Along the way, I had the great fortune to play with some wonderful musicians like Richie Caruso, Alan Zavod, Ray Santisi; too many to name here. But drummers are who I really listen to, so thanks to three of the best timekeepers: Dave Schierloh, Frankie Dunlop, and our drummer Frank McDaniels. I'd be remiss if I didn't also mention drummer Marty Freeman who got us our gig in the show band on the MS Starward where I met the love of my life, Mary."


Frank McDaniels drums & vocals

The heart of the Deb Jenkins Band's rhythm section, drummer Frank McDaniels provides rock-steady blues grooves for the band's foundation. By day you can find Frank working on putting exhibits together at the renowned Plains Art Museum in Fargo, ND. His years of playing drums with the group stretch back to the days of Second Wind (from which the Deb Jenkins Band originated). When not on stage or at work at the art museum, you can find Frank at the lake fishing. At least that's what he tells us...


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Deb Jenkins CDs are available at Fargostuff.com.

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