who's in the studio


Current & Ongoing Projects:

Obsidian - This Fargo death metal band finished recording their second CD at Raptor Studios last year, they are now finishing up post-production.

Chris Coste - This catcher for the Philadelphia Phillies will be recording his audiobook, "Catching the Dream" in February 2008.

Sarah Morrau - Sarah is a Fargo singer-songwriter who is planning to record her third CD of acoustic music in spring 2008.

Concordia Percussion Ensemble - The Concordia Percussion Ensemble is recording its third CD under the direction of Dr. David Eyler. Raptor Studios also recorded and produced its first two releases, "Wood Metal Skin" in 2002 and "Christmas Favorites" in 2004. Each CD involves several separate recording sessions, spaced throughout two school years. We just finished the fifth session in a few weeks ago, with post-production set for summer 2008.

Elizabeth Rheude - UND clarinet professor Dr. Elizabeth Rheude is completing a solo clarinet CD which was recorded at Rourke Art Museum in Moorhead in separate sessions - the third session was September 2006, followed by post-production.

Fargo-Moorhead Symphony - Post-production of all Fargo-Moorhead Symphony concerts for MPR broadcast.