Jim Langemo

"Rise up in the morning. Butterflies stir your dreams and roll away with the morning fog any sorrow your day may bring." So sings Jim Langemo in the opening song "Virginia" of Welcome to Sadieville, his debut release for Barking Dog Records. "I believe in remaining optimistic for love in the face of sorrow and disaster," he explains. Welcome to Sadieville is a statement of emotion, a passionate expression of love and loneliness.

Musical influences..."In eighth grade I heard the Beatles and Bob Dylan. I sold all my Kiss albums and began collecting music from the late sixties. I got into the blues and folk as I began to research the influences of Dylan, the Beatles and the Stones. It took me until after high school to get deeper into seventies artists. To say the least, I missed out on the 80s altogether..."

Jim notes the Beatles, their solo work, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Stephen Stills, Eric Clapton, the Allman Brothers, Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones as his major pop influences. John Mayall, Sonny Boy Williamson, Lightning Hopkins, Little Walter, Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon and Howlin' Wolf are his major blues influences.

Personally speaking..."I graduated from Canby High School in Canby, MN. I have a B.A. in English and a Secondary School Teacher's Certificate from Moorhead State University in Moorhead, MN. I have a beautiful daughter named Sadie. My biggest hobby is writing. I write songs and I am currently writing a novel. I also like to spend time outside walking, camping, running, hiking, anything. I love to listen to music and read as well. Most of all, I like spending time with my daughter."

Musical journeys..."I played in the blues band Rutherford Scattering for two years in the early 90's. I performed in four Moorhead State University Faculty Rock Trio performances: Tributes to Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Pink Floyd and "You Say You Want A Revolution." I also toured with two musical/drama groups in which I acted and wrote the music. One tour went to Kansas City and the other to New Orleans. Since then, I have played both solo and with my band in coffeehouses and clubs."

In the fall of 1996, bass player Craig Holets and drummer Emmett Dacey joined Jim in performance and in the studio to bring the songs which would become Welcome to Sadieville to life. Now performing with drummer Kyle Bonderson (who replaced Emmett in early 1997), Jim's exuberant club and coffeehouse performances feature original music and covers by such artists as Sonny Boy Williamson, Muddy Waters, Elmore James, John Mayall, Van Morrison, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, the Grateful Dead, Neil Young and others.

Jim has played in coffeehouses throughout the Midwest including Kuppernicus Coffee Gallery, North Shore Coffee Company, Boathouse Coffee Club and the Laughing Cup and in clubs such as the Fine Line, Jitters and the 400 bar. He also performed at the 1996 and 1997 Chicago Blues Festivals.

Jim Langemo's shows are full of emotion and energy -- driving band tunes and delicate acoustic arrangements combine to create an infectious, compelling experience. Welcome to Sadieville captures this variety and energy and will have you listening again and again.

Welcome to Sadieville -- lyrics and sound clips

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