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Linda Boyd - Jamestown High School Class of 1974, Moorhead State University BA & BS 1984, MS 1988

Hello! In case anyone is looking, I am now pretty much known as Linda Boyd Coates or just Linda Coates. I have been married to Mike Coates since 1989 and have two great kids - Lindsay Ross Boyd, born in 1986, and Keith Ross Coates, born in 1993. We live in Fargo, North Dakota.

Since 1995 I have been consumed by our new music business - an independent recording studio and record label. You can find out way more than you would ever want to know at our website:

This business keeps me busy in many directions - artist development and management, graphic design, arranging (everything from string quartets to r & b brass sections), web design, recording, promotion, bookkeeping, and even a little performing once in a while.

Before embarking on the entrepreneurial path with our recording studio/record label, I was executive director of the Fargo-Moorhead Symphony (1993-96), executive director of Lake Agassiz Arts Council (1990-93), choral director at West Fargo High School (1989-90) and adjunct professor of voice, choir and opera at Moorhead State University (1987-1989).

I was also elected to the Fargo City Commission in 2004 - yep, I've entered local politics. Wish me luck!

I'm trying to make time for hobbies - besides writing music, making music (and making other people's music happen), and choir directing, I am discovering cooking and gardening in my old age, and have recently started drawing and painting again.

Drop me a line! I'm a lousy correspondent, but I do occasionally sit down and write long, long e-mails when the mood strikes...


phone: 701-298-0001

cell 701-793-3763