Harris-Coates Duo

Debora Harris, flute
Mike Coates, guitar


"I chose these pieces to present a wide range of styles that would appeal to the musical tastes of a broad audience. From delicate shimmering French Impressionistic pieces to colorful folk music of Appalachia and the American Southwest to the exotic Argentinian tango, the engaging sound of the flute and guitar duo beautifully explores these diverse musical worlds," notes Debora Harris on the cover of her 1997 debut CD with classical guitarist Mike Coates.

Producer/engineer Mike Coates had a definite sonic vision in mind for this recording - one which brought the close-miked fidelity of the commercial music world to the intimate classical duo of flute and guitar. He comments in the liner notes,

"In the world of classical music pure studio recordings are a rarity. Most recordings of this genre opt for the speed and cost efficiency of "live" location/remote recordings. When I agreed to do this recording with Deb Harris (she and I have performed together many times over the past decade) I explained that I wanted to try a bold experiment with the project. Essentially what that meant was, rather than searching out a choice performance venue for the traditional recital-style recording, I wanted to record in my own studio utilizing contemporary commercial recording conventions like close miking, digital recorders, and modern serial and parallel electronic processors to construct our ideal venue. The benefits of such an approach include greatly enhanced fidelity, superior detail of lines and parts, maximum control of dynamic extremes, and the ability to optimize individual performances. Most classical performers blanch at the notion of hearing their voice or instrument close-miked in a "sterile" studio environment, but Deb trusted me and the results are dramatic. Ms. Harris' superior technique, rich timbral palette, and unaffected natural charm speak eloquently under this intense scrutiny.

"It should also be pointed out that while attempting to create a recording that would appeal to the sensitivities of a broader audience, we also made every effort to be scholarly in our approach to the material. Many errors were discovered and corrected in our scores-especially in the transcriptions. Original scores and recordings were consulted and pored over, and composers' indications and markings were diligently addressed. Our goal was to allow this charming collection of pieces to speak for itself, and we are both very proud of the end result.

"May your listening experience of this, Ms. Harris' first recording, be as enjoyable and moving for you as performing with her was for me." - Mike Coates

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Reverie -- Track Listing
1 Maurice Ravel Pièce en forme de habanera RealAudio
2 Astor Piazzolla Bordel 1900 from Histoire du Tango MP3 RealAudio
3-5 Francis Poulenc Trois Movements Perpétuels
Assez modéré RealAudio
Très modéré RealAudio
Alerte RealAudio
6 Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco Tempo di Siciliana from Sonatina op. 205
7 Jaques Ibert Entr'acte
8-9 Jindrich Feld Deux Danses
Danse Lyrique
Danse Barbare
10 Katherine Hoover Kokopeli (for solo flute)
11-12 Eugène Bozza Berceuse et Serenade
13-14 Francis Kleynjans Deux Arias
Aria No. 1 en La mineur 2:47
Aria No. 2 en Ré Majeur 2:27
15-16 Robert Beaser from Mountain Songs:
The House Carpenter
Cindy MP3 sound clip

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